Share your RTK data

YouCORS helps GNSS base station owners around the World to share their RTK streams with a wider audience. We are support two type of connections between base and YouCORS. If your base have build-in NTRIP Caster, YouCORS can connect to it as a client and rebroadcast data. Otherwise, you can connect your base to one of YouCORS NTRIP casters.

You don't need static IP

If your base station is connected to the Internet through a mobile connection, its IP address is constantly changing. The IP address can change even if you move from one cell tower to another. Moreover, often cellular operators block incoming connections to protect you. When you connect your base station to YouCORS, it gets a static IP address and a URL that never changes.

Public and Private mountpoints

Your mountpoint can be either public or private. Any client can connect to public RTK source. But only clients created by mountpoint owner can connect to private stream.


Some times your base station already connected to some other caster or your GNSS reciever have build-in caster. YouCORS can connect to this caster as a client and rebroadcast data.